From the recording Head, Hearts & Tales

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Young, Dumb, & Full of Rum
Lyrics & Music: Doss

I remember Annie’s fanny,
It looked so good in blue,
She’d walk by, I’d damn near cry,
But what else could I do,

Recalling Sarah’s great long legs,
Shot straight up to the sky,
As I looked them up and down,
I’m damned sure like to die,

And though I never saw their face or
Gazed into their eyes,
Each part of them that grabbed my fancy,
Seemed to hypnotize,
And when they’d beckon me that way,
I knew that I would come,
‘Cause that’s what pirates do when they are,
Young, dumb, and full of rum,

Nancy was the farmer girl,
Toned muscles down her back,
When I saw her backside dance,
I thought that I would crack,

Was lost in Esmerelda,
And the way she shook those hips,
Watching them, rise and fall,
Like the waves upon my ship,

And then there’s Kelly’s belly,
It knew just how to move,
She could shake it like a snake,
That girl had such a groove,

Was drawn to Ruby’s boobies,
I love to trace them curves,
She’d bust ‘em out,
I’d scream and shout and
Then I’d lose my nerve