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Mailing List

Mailing List


National Renaissance Festival Awards 2019
 1st Place in Large Musical Adult Stage Act

National Renaissance Festival Awards 2018 (Three awards!) - 

  • 2nd Place - "Musical Group Stage Act"
  • 2nd Place - "Comedy Performers"
  • 3rd Place - "Bawdy Performers"
Best New CD 2016, 1st place - Live at Voodoo (Renaissance Magazine Feb 2017)
Best Live Music Group On Stage - 2016 (Renaissance Magazine Feb 2017)
Best New CD 2016, 1st place - Pieces of Eight/ Treasures of Old
(Renaissance Podcast - 2016 International Pirate Awards)

Best Facebook Page, 1st place - Musical Blades Facebook Page
(Renaissance Podcast - 2016 International Pirate Awards)

Best Comedy Musical Show 2015, 1st place (Renaissance Magazine Feb 2016)
Best Comedy Musical Show 2014, 2nd place (Renaissance Magazine Feb 2015)
Best Comedy Musical Show 2013, 1st place (Renaissance Magazine Feb 2014)
Best new CD 2014, 2nd place - Pieces of Eight/Treasures of Old (Renaissance Magazine Feb 2015)
Best new CD 2013, 1st place - Up the Ante (Renaissance Magazine Feb 2014)
Best new CD 2010, 3rd place - Modern Day Pirate (Renaissance Magazine Feb 2011) 
Nominated - Best New CD 2014 - Pieces of Eight/Treasures of Old (Project Backstage Midwest Music Awards)

Outstanding Guitarist 2015 - Michael Doss/Saucy Jack Tar - (Banzai Music Awards) - Pic

Castletonian Award 2011 (Oklahoma Renaissance Festival)
Best Comedy Musical Show 2010 (Kansas City Renaissance Festival)
Best Comedy Musical Show 2010 (St Louis Renaissance Festival)

Top 100 Faire Favorites! (of all time) - Renaissance Magazine Jan 2015 - Pic 
Winner - Battle of the Pirate Bands (Pyrates Way Magazine Oct 2014) - Pic

CD Reviews

Review - 2014 CD - 'Pieces of Eight' (Pyrates Way Magazine) - Click 
Review - 2014 CD - 'Treasures of Old' (Pyrates Way Magazine) - Click
Review - 2013 CD - 'Up the Ante' (Renaissance Magazine) - Click


Under the Crossbones - A Pirate Podcast Hosted by Phil Johnson - episode 202
"Musical Blades are legends of the pirate music scenes and I can’t believe it took 200 episodes to get to them.  But here they are!  Everybody is on the mic today and it gets a little chaotic, but it’s really fun talk.  Co-host Marck Forget of Festival des Pirates sits in with me."


Concert Reviews

Ticketmaster - KCMO, show date 03/27/17

The Blades once again impressed every single person at the show. The energy the guys give off to the fans and the energy the crowd gives back to the guys is a connection that is only felt in a small amount of concerts and shows and that's what makes the Blades special and unique. It doesn't matter where the Blades play; they just don't see the crowd as fans; they see their fans as "family." However; I say their VooDoo show is the show of the year!! Their new original album (Raise the Black) and music is incredible and shows how talented musicians they are. Check these guys out and you will not be disappointed!! They really put on a show to remember


Ticketmaster - KCMO, show date 10/30/2015

This show marks the point in time when the Musical Blades took it to the next level. The opening video montage layered over a haunting 'Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum", the thick billows of fog rolling out from under the curtain, and the buzz in the room, all build anticipation toward a night that would set a new standard for Blades shows. The band took the stage with the full frontal assault of a 100 gun First Rate Ship of the Line and never backed down.
This show was a full scale production showcasing the multitude of talent in what is probably the most cohesive and entertaining lineup of the band to date. It was almost a disadvantage to be close to the stage, for fear of missing something happening to the left or right...almost.
The energy level never waned. From the full on electric rockers to the amped up 'Ren Faire' numbers, the band built steady momentum thru the finale. This is going to be a tough show to top on the band's return to the Voodoo stage in March of '16, but I wouldn't miss it if I were you. I know I won't!
Favorite moment: Opening production, Nightmare Medley, and 'Up the Ante' (easily a radio hit)

Ticketmaster - 10/27/2015

Amazing show!!! The Musical Blades are constantly stepping up there game and as always they stepped it up again... If you have ever saw the Musical Blades at a renaissance fair that's a just the taste of what they bring in a concert setting...Nightmare at Haunted Harbor displayed all their talents from set design to musical talents great harmonies and high energy... If you get a chance to see them do not miss it you will not be disappointed

Ticketmaster - 10/24/2015

There are no words on how to describe the Halloween show. The pyro effects, the lighting, the sound, the extremely high energy the guys gave off was just so unreal. Bottom line; hands down; the BEST concert I have ever attended. The guys put out 600% for their show and it showed from when the curtains opened to the last beat of Act IV. These guys LOVE what they do and the audience was on their feet from beginning to end. I am so happy and blessed to call these guys friends. PEOPLE check these guys out and you will not be disappointed.

Ticketmaster - 10/27/2015

With an outstanding combination of theatrics and music, the Musical Blades put on an unforgettable performance. Easily the best thing I have seen at the VooDoo, possibly one of the best performances I have ever seen. They continue to draw in crowds who are both familiar with their style and people who have never heard of them before. I cannot wait for their next show at the VooDoo in March!
Favorite moment: All of the audience participation that makes you feel like you are part of the show
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