1. In My Day

From the recording Head, Hearts & Tales

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In My Day
Lyrics: Doss
Music: Doss, Irwin

I’ve been to brothels so much I get group rates,
I’m a glutton and a drunkard, two of my finest traits,
I’ve stolen kisses, coins and hearts more times than I can count,
I’m slumbered through my nights at work while out on the account,

And when the Father comes to me, pray mercy for my sins,
I must admit, I’ve no regrets, I’d do it all again,

Majesty and glory, and angel choir awaits,
Golden roads and mansions just inside those pearly gates,
No whores no dice, no rums, no fights,
That’s more than I can pay,
So don’t speak to me of Heaven, I’ll not see it in my day,

I’ve been known to hold a grudge or two,
And maybe cracked some heads,
I’ve been jealous of what others got,
So I took it and they bled,

I’ve been boastful of my glories,
I’ve been known to break the rules,
But I’m just a drunken sailor stuck,
Upon this ship of fools,

A sin for every sea I’ve sailed,
All seven have been mine,
I’ve worked for Kings,
I’ve slept with Queens,
Then sailed back to the brine,