1. Take This Town

From the recording Head, Hearts & Tales

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Take This Town
Lyrics & Music: Irwin

Tonight we’re gonna take this city out for a spin
Tonight we’re making lists of the very best kinds of sin
Tonight we’re playing games we can only win
Tonight we’re going places that we’ve never been, alright

Tomorrow's far away when we can stay up all night
Tomorrow there’ll be hell to pay at first light
Tomorrow come what may, but I think I might
Tomorrow’s just a problem we can always fight

Whaddya say we take this town
Fire at the city ‘til the walls come down
Let the mayor know we’ll have his daughter back by dawn
Too many days we’ve stayed on board staring at the ocean ‘til our eyes grew sore
This evening’s not for good
Tonight we’re gonna take this town

Now baby you and me got a plan we gotta get down too
And maybe wait see what is what and who is who
You’ll see me flying high with a motley crew
Screaming through the streets ‘til my face turns blue with you

Now let’s dive in and see just how deep this water can get
Now let’s begin and swim everywhere that it gets wet
Now I’m a man that almost always pays me debt
And if you wanna challenge, man, I’ll take that bet

The clock’ll strike midnight when the night is young
Hangin’ out back with a bottle of rum