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Shadow Of The Sea
Lyrics & Music: Doss, Irwin, Tucker

We’ve got 14 kegs of Spanish Rum, we’ve got 14 more below
We’ve got three months left of burning sun and fathoms left to row
We’ve got powder, lead, and spider shot, we’ve got blunderbuss and steel.
We’ve got carcass, pitch, and burning hell and a madman ‘hind the wheel

We’ve found endless plunder for our hold, we’ve drunk endless skins of wine
We’ve got rot-gut ales to dull your mind that burns like iodine
Some have sailed for glory, fair and true, some have sailed for fame and gold
We have sailed to take your life and blood, and suff’ring yet untold

So I have come with outrage and with guns
We’ll pay the price for sins I’ve not yet done
We’re Davy Jone’s own nightmare, we’re the pestilence you flee
We’ll fly the flag of bloody war
The Shadow of the Seas

Our corruption knows no mortal bounds, our ambition knows no scale
Our libido make ol’ Cupid pale, our resentment will not fail
We can slowly take your world apart, no indulgence can prevent
We can burn your cities with a glance, with malicious ill intent

My rage will reign well past your dying day
You’ll run today but you’ll sleep below the bay