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Kill Them All Dead:
Lyrics & Music: Irwin

There once was a man liked to call himself “Troy”
He stood head and shoulders to me
And Troy liked to brag that he’d best any man
And drink ‘til he couldn’t but see
But one day I found myself facing old Troy demanding I pay him a fee
He bayed like a banshee and fell like an oak, his lifeblood now forfeit to me

With our wits and our fists we will kill them all dead
And send them below ‘til the oceans turn red
And then straight down to hell where we’ll kill them again
These bastards against us we’ll kill them all dead

This ship had a captain when I came aboard, the darkest of spirits had he
He worked at the crew with the cat and the screws and swore we’d die bleeding at sea
‘Til one day the crew had enough of this man and set the old coxswain to fly
The captain I’d be of a crew now at ease for the blood in my fingers and eyes

Now I spend my days in the warmth of the sun drifting the winds as I please
And I’m ne’er to abide any ship cross my side without paying their ultimate fee
If I’d have been told when I first came aboard that someday a villain I’d be
I’d never believe what has passed now indeed as we run forth with treacherous glee