From the recording Head, Hearts & Tales

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When This Day Is Won
Lyrics: Hall
Music: Doss

Well we left Port Royal with a longing for adventure and a venture wrapped up in glee
A mighty vessel four scores and three in length, a hundred men and artillery.
And we’d sing our songs and we’d raise tankards, the Brits are already dead….
They just don’t know it yet!

Run out the guns til there’s nothing left to see
And we’ll soon tell stories of the kings Navy
With a woman in each arm and a belly of rum…
When this day is won

And by our sweat and our shiver we will stand and deliver all our crew from a rule of tyranny
And to a flag of black we must pay respect if we’re to live and we wanna die free
Cast doubt of mortal sin as we stove her in, for a cause as big as the sea
And let this day make way to a new sunrise…

And when we set to war we did load our cannons and we fired on the British Navy
Then we boarded portside with a cutlass swipe and taught a lesson of humility
And the crew descried a sudden wave of vigor when the admiral fell to his knees
And the day glorified with a battle cry…