1. Dying Song

From the recording Head, Hearts & Tales

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Dying Song
Lyrics & Music: Irwin

A nameless explorer trudging onward, forging my own bleak path
Or finding adventure where I wandered, earning my rest at last
Looking back I made the best, leaving the marks I could
Treasure me now and think back often, remember me how you would

Gather my bones and make them quiet
Bid me to rest my head
Send me slumber vast and deep at night in my own warm bed
My soul longs for comfort but my heart still wanders on
So gather my bones and make them silent
Sing me a dying song

My heartache gives way to deep thanksgiving and woe steps aside to pride
My only remorse’s with time I wasted elsewhere but by your side
As I repose I’ll dream of waiting somewhere beyond that wall
I’d rather regret an action taken than one I let fear forestall

When my body falls away and I’ve passed from your eyes
When I’ve my final rest and my pain at last subsides
When my reward’s at last at hand and I can finally fly
There’ll be no more goodbyes

So when you lay down at last to rest, your soul to at last know peace
You’ll wonder then only if you’ll find me somewhere in your relief
I’ll wait for you in your deepest slumber, I’ll visit you in your dreams
I’ll call you by name and love no other, I’ll wait for you near calm streams