1. Pirate Man

From the recording Head, Hearts & Tales

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Pirate Man:
Lyrics & Music: Doss, Irwin, Tucker

Young William lived in Galway where the ladies are so sweet
He worked along the shipyards no ocean at his feet
A ragged ship came sailing in, the docks it would break through
And the captain came a’runnin’ out followed by his crew

William took his chances and patched that vessel up
The captain was so grateful he said, “Boy, you are in luck!”
We lost ourselves a dozen men out on the open sea
And now we’ve got a vacancy that’s opened up for thee

Lace your boots and clean your saber
We’ll drink ‘til we can’t stand, you’ll be a pirate, man
In the morning we’ll weight anchor
You’ll drink ‘til you can’t stand, you’ll be a pirate, man

Now, William went from cookie straight to master of the sails
The captain was a bastard and the crew was tough as nails
He lead them on a mutiny, the captain’s throat was slit
He threw that body overboard and claimed that bloody ship

Took my first trip on the open seas
It was everything I thought it could be

Now he’s counting rubies with a girl in every port
His name is praised in every pub and cursed in every court
He’s the hero of the ocean, the savior of the seas
But William fell and bumped his head and it was all a dream

Go to work and pay your taxes
You’ll smell like fish again, you’re not a pirate, man
Make your bed and change your linens
You’ll live with Mom and Dad, she’ll wash your socks again
Drink the wine and eat some wafers
You’ll go to mass again where you’ll confess your sins
Shearing shape and mashin’ ‘taters
You’re not a pirate, man
You’re stuck in Ireland