From the recording Head, Hearts & Tales

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Heads, Hearts, & Tails
Lyrics & Music: Irwin

Now let me see your tankards high
Well, we’ve come from a foreign land to bring you songs and cheers
We’ll set this whole damned town alight, the fire starts right here
Before we set this room ablaze we’ll let you join our crew

To climb aboard we have a list of things you’ll have to do

Now do you wanna dance until the darkness kills the light?
And do you wanna scream until our demons run in fright?
Well f you think you’re of the sort to start a mighty fire
Then grab your mug and come aboard and join the pirate choir

Now we are here to drink and we are here to sing
And we are here to steal your gold and all your shiny things
New we want you to dance and we want you to scream
And we want you to recognize the villains of your dreams
Come on and lift your voices, come on a raise some hell
Come on and start a fire only sex and beer and quell
We’re here to start a riot, we’re here to break some laws
We’re coming here to steal your hearts
We’re coming for you all

Come show me how you kiss goodbye
Now we have landed in this pub with fire in our hearts
We tend to light that fire faster than our counterparts
Let's you and I do something we can never quite forget
Let’s make a blonde, a red or two, and maybe three brunettes

Now if you won’t lend me your ears come lend me something else
‘Cause you seem like your kind of fight’s best done below the belt
I see the fire in your eyes and smile on your lips
Let’s put a bounce up top and put a swing down in those hips