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Beneath The Irish Sky
Lyrics & Music: Doss

There's no place that I'd rather be (Beneath the Irish Sky)
Nowhere on the Earth for me
There's no place that I feel so free
My heart is painted orange and green
Ooooh yeah, beneath the Irish sky

I've traveled all through Londontown and yeah, it's pretty great
A man can have a jolly time, share gin with all his mates,
Buckingham, Abbey Road, the Royal Albert Hall
But I hear the sounds of Galway and I have to heed the call
I've seen the best of Paris, The Cathedral, Notre Dame
I've drank champagne in posh chateaus and dined upon the Seine,
I've gone atop the Eifull I've visited the Louvre,
But it's music out of Sligo That makes me have to move (Hey!)

I've lost myself in Venice and I've sailed the Grand Canal
Drank wine under the Bridge of Sighs, It's great for one's morale
And Saint Mark’s Basilica was quite a site to see,
But a Jameson in Limerick is more the thing for me,
I know that there are many other places ‘cross the lands
The pyramids, Taj Majhal, and all the promised lands,
I've been all round this great big world, and I've seen so many scenes,
But take me back to Ireland and dress me up in greens (Hey!)

From Dublin up to Derry, all around the Ring of Kerry,
The love and our pride, will never subside,
Beneath the Irish sky
From the hills of Connemara, looking oe'r the Cliffs of Moher,
May the road always rise,
May you have all your highs
Beneath the Irish Sky