1. The Estrogen

From the recording Head, Hearts & Tales

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The Estrogen
Lyrics & Music: Doss

They've got Sally in the galley,
They've got Nancy in the nest,
They've got Mabel on the cable,
Visit Mary to confess,
They've got Alice on the quarterdeck
And Libby's in the hold,
They're the crewmates of the Estrogen,
And they're ready to unload

Don't underestimate them matey,
Though we know they look so fine,
The fairer sex does not fight fair,
They'll get you every time,
They'll woo you with their wiles
And they'll steal away your hearts,
Then leave you penniless and drunk,
As their ship again departs,

Gotta keep your guard up, men,
And don't be fooled again,
The pleasure that they promise,
Is just a tool to suck you in,
They're undefeated in the game,
And never have drawn blood,
Give a smile, bat their eyes
And you're the loser in the club

They're tough and they are ruthless,
They are rough and they are crude,
But the pretty package really hides,
The spunk and attitude,
But best not rub em wrong boys
They are likely to explode,
And for a week bout every month,
They go into god mode.